Residential Cleaning

We offer residential cleaning anywhere in Perth. Fully equipped with all the required tools and accessories. The cleaners are qualified and fully insured against damages. 

This is for regular weekly or fortnightly bookings. For hourly cleaning, see One-Off Cleaning.

Cleaning is performed on an hourly basis. Depending on the duration of your session, the following tasks can be completed:

  • Bathroom/s - toilets, showers, screens, sinks and baths are scrubbed and sanitised and reachable tiles and surfaces are spot cleaned

  • Floors - vacuumed and mopped

  • Kitchen - benchtops, cupboards, sinks and appliances are wiped clean on the outside (see additional services below for more)

  • Beds - beds are made with fresh linen

  • Surfaces throughout- dusted and wiped clean

  • Mirrors and glass surfaces are wiped clean

  • Bins - emptied and bin bags replaced (to be supplied by customer)

  • Fixtures and fittings - wiped clean

  • Cobweb removal

  • Additional tasks upon request

Your regular home cleaning can be as flexible as you want it to be. You choose the hours of your cleaning session (minimum of 2 hours applies). Eg. some of our customers like us to simply do their floors and bathrooms.

We advise our customers to supply their cleaner with a priority cleaning checklist. The cleaner follows the checklist, listed according to their importance. If you are not going to be there, just leave your list on the kitchen bench. The more detailed the list, the better. If you choose not to leave a list, your cleaners will clean as per the standard lists - see services. They will start from the top of the list and work their way down, note: our cleaners are very efficient, but they can't work miracles, if the list is too large, and isn't completed, it might be an idea to book additional hour/s next time.

Once we clean your house the first time, we can advise if more time is required to complete your cleaning requirements.

We can accommodate a number of additional tasks upon request, such as washing dishes, oven cleaning, fridge cleaning, washing laundry, ironing, window cleaning, watering plants, feeding pets and other reasonable requests.

Weekdays $35.00p/h (incl gst)
Saturdays $45.00p/h (incl gst)

Note: Minimum quantity is 2 hours of cleaning for this service.


Additional Services

Oven Cleaning

Single Oven: $45
Double Oven: $80

Please note: while our cleaners do carry the products, materials & tools, they are not professional oven cleaners

Microwave Cleaning


Cleaning and sanitising of all surfaces.

Fridge Cleaning


Contents removed, fridge cleaned and contents replaced

Wall Washing (internal only)

1 - 4 walls $15 each
5 - 10 walls $10 each

Whole house - contact us for a customised quote

Please note: our cleaner’s are not insured to climb ladders higher than a 2 step ladder

Window Cleaning

Internal: $70

External: $140
*Windows accessible from ground level only

Please note: while our cleaners do carry the products, materials & tools, they are not professional window cleaners

Blinds Cleaning (venetian type only)


Venetian blinds are dusted/wiped clean.
We can not clean fabric blinds.
We do not remove the blind or offer dry cleaning.

Balcony, Garage or Patio Sweep

$25 per area

Sweeping of balcony, garage or patio area

One Load Of Laundry


If you have a load of laundry in your dirty basket, we can pop this in the machine upon arrival and hang out on your line when we are finished our clean.


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