Frequently Asked Questions

Do you bring your own cleaning products?

Yes, we bring everything required. You do not need to supply anything.

Do you have a police clearance and insurance?

Yes, all of our cleaners are police checked and fully insured against damages.

What are the advantages of booking through an agency over hiring a private cleaner?

There are a number of benefits:
1. Your cleaner has been reference checked, police checked and screened for suitability
2. Your cleaner is fully insured for public liability
3. We offer replacement cleaners if things don’t work out for any reason
4. We offer a fill-in cleaner if your cleaner is on holidays or unable to provide a scheduled clean

What sets you apart from other cleaning companies?

We are a small West Australian owned family business. We care about our customers. We pay close attention to detail with all of our services because we want you to be happy. When you contact us, you will be speaking directly to one of the owners. We strongly believe in offering the best customer service and answering your queries as quickly and efficiently as possible, we even reply out of business hours if any issues need to be resolved.

Will the same cleaner come every time?

We strongly believe in building up a good reationship with your cleaner, so they know exactly what you like and how you like it, to ensure you are happy each and every time. If your cleaner is unavailable for your clean for any reason we can either send an alternate cleaner or swap to another day - your choice.

Can I expect my cleaner on time?

We pride ourselves on being on time, however, please allow a 30 minute buffer for any heavy traffic. If we we are going to be late for any reason we will contact you.

Do we need to be home?

We can clean your house even if you are not home. We prefer not to keep customer's keys though. We recommend you purchase a key lock box (Bunnings have these), if you don't have somewhere secure you can leave it.

How do you know what has to be cleaned?

For a smooth completion of the service, we advise our customers to supply their cleaner with a priority cleaning checklist. The cleaner follows a routine of duties, listed according to their importance. If you are not going to be there, just leave your list on the kitchen bench. The more detailed the list, the better. If you choose not to leave a list, your cleaners will clean as per the standard lists - see services. They will start from the top of the list and work their way down, note: our cleaners are very efficient, but they can't work miracles, if the list is too large, and isn't completed, it might be an idea to book additional hour/s next time.

Are there any services that you don't offer?

We don’t offer cleaning of chandeliers, light bulbs, bio-hazards (mould, etc), animal waste, excessive cobwebs, high-reach areas (more than a step ladder) and we do not move large furniture.

How do I book?

Simply contact us to make a booking.

Is a deposit required?

No. Payment is only required upon completion.

How do I pay?

Please provide your payment in cash to the cleaner on the day of the clean, at the conclusion of the service.

Bank transfer can be arranged if preferred for regular cleans.
For a one-off service, our preferred method is cash.
Providing the correct change is appreciated.


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