Airbnb Cleaning Checklist

Airbnb Cleaning Checklist

1. Change linen & towels

Remove linen, bed sheets, towels, bathmats and tea towels. Replace with clean linen & towels.
Check in bedside drawers/cupboards and under the bed for rubbish or left behind belongings.
3. Clean Bathroom

Clean toilet, sink, taps and mirrors

Clean shower & bath

Check & remove hair from all drains
Inspect inside of shower curtain and spot clean if required

Empty bins and replace with liners

3. Clean Kitchen
Check the appliances are all in working order (hotplates, microwave, toaster, kettle, etc)
Check fridge – empty and wipe any spills, replace milk etc.
Wipe out microwave & oven
Empty the electric kettle and leave open so it dries out

Empty dishwasher
Wash & put away any dishes
Perform a quick spot check of dishes, pans, etc in cupboards and clean any that may have been put away by guests not quite clean.

Wipe down all kitchen surfaces.

Empty bins and replace with liners

4. Amenities/Consumables, it is up to you what you would like to stock, some popular items are:
paper towel, glad wrap, dishwashing liquid, dishwashing tablets, sponges, tea, coffee, milk, hand soap, tissues, toilet paper, body wash, shampoo & conditioner.

5. Dust & Clean entire area

Dust & clean all surfaces throughout wipe down tables, surfaces, light switches and skirting boards if required.

Check lights, power points (flick to off if not in use), tv, heating and aircon are all in working order
Check light covers for dead bugs, etc and clean if required

Prepare for the next guests: take a step back and make sure everything looks clean and ready for a new guest, leave out a guest information booklet, open curtains and blinds to make it look inviting. 

6. Leave your guests a special treat, like chocolates, wine or flowers.
7. Vacuum and mop all floors indoors and sweep any balconies, outside front door, etc outdoors, a spot clean may be all that's required, will be done thoroughly once a week.

8. Return keys.


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